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Robert L. White Software Engineer/Consultant

55 Mill Plain Rd. #6-1, Danbury, CT 06811-5162

(203) 791-0229

Skill Index

Java. Delphi. C/C++. VB. UNIX.

User Interface. GUI. Windows.

Object-oriented design.

Software Architect: Problem solving and Analysis.

Real-time Embedded Systems.

Firmware: DSP. RISC. 680x0. 80x86.

Relational Database Design. JDBC.

All stages: Design/Implement/Document.

Over 18 years experience.

Project Leadership.


B.A. - Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (1980)


Bright, self-starting and creative individual with several completed systems to his credit, a guy who can put the pieces of the system together. Has succeeded at all aspects of software engineering from high-level design to detailed debugging, from user-interface to firmware, from Shell scripts to assembly.


Operating Systems




Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX, X-windows





C/C++, Object Pascal/Delphi, Visual Basic, Assembly


Java, BASIC, MIPS (RISC), TMS320C30 (DSP), UNIX Shell scripts




680x0, 80x86, 680x, Z80, 80386, 80486, 6502

Application Frameworks & APIs


Visual Component Library (Delphi), JDK 1.1.x, JDBC


Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). AWT. JBCL. JNI.



Access. Paradox. Sybase. UDB. DB2. JDBC.

Java Tools


JBuilder 3, Visual Cafe Enterprise edition 3.0, Visual Age for Java 2

Bean library:

JClass , StudioJ, Formula 1 for Java (spreadsheet), JGL


Jprobe, OptimizeIt, DevPartner for Java


Professional Experience

The rest of this résumé describes what I have achieved throughout my career, most of which has been as a consultant. I started consulting early on in my career because I found that it provided a wealth of experience and intellectual challenge not generally available in one position.


Robert L. White: Software Engineer/Consultant Page 2


J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc. New York, NY (11/98 to present)

Project Leader

In order to reduce license costs and improve staff mobility, J.P. Morgan commissioned a study of Java usage and Java tool selection. For this I wrote an RFP describing the effort and guided it through the approval process. After proposals were received from four vendors, I summarized their presentations, and coordinated the evaluation process and wrote the evaluation document for board approval.

During the course of the engagement, I supervised the selected vendor (staff of 2), assembled and coordinated Java developer's group (24) to shape the effort, helped devise and execute a survey of Java development across the bank (including offices in New York, London and Paris). Compiled criteria by which to judge various categories of Java development tools. Procured copies of Java development software in each category and evaluated those tools. Presented recommendation to board for approval. Among the evaluated tools were:

IDE: Visual Cafe Enterprise edition 3.0, Visual Age for Java 2, JBuilder 3

GUI Bean library: JClass, StudioJ, Formula 1 for Java (spreadsheet)

Profiler: JProbe, OptimizeIt, DevPartner for Java


IBM, Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY (4/97 to 10/98)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Using JBuilder and VisualAge, wrote various Java programs to support web-based systems management.

Designed DB2 database to hold precise descriptions of desktop PC systems, software updates and rules which were used to determine which updates applied to such systems.

Wrote Java/JDBC program to evaluate rules stored in the database via a rather interesting SQL query.

Using JBuilder, implemented the prototype of a UI tool used to create and browse the content of our rule/update database. Also wrote simple programs to initialize the database using JDBC.

Using Delphi 3.0, designed a rule editor to graphically display the logical expressions that make up rules.

Assisted in the writing of several detailed, lengthy project proposals, as well as design documentation.


GE CAPITAL Real Estate (Large Transaction Group) Stamford, CT (11/96-2/97)

Software Engineer

Using Delphi 2.0, designed a local Paradox database to hold Rules and other components for an expert system. Designed and implemented a Rule Manager in Delphi which allowed the user to easily create and maintain the Rule database. Apart from the user interface, the Rule Manager required over 10,000 lines of backend Delphi code which were written and debugged solo in six weeks time. All code is fully commented (of course).


MECA SOFTWARE Fairfield, CT (10/95-10/96)

Software Engineer

Using Visual C++, designed and implemented the communications portion of two different PC to Host computer interfaces. Design was characterized by the object-oriented state machine at its core.

Implemented second such interface reusing as much as possible the code from the first interface.

Used ISQL to debug and enhance Sybase SQL Anywhere database portion of application.

Extensive work enhancing and debugging embedded SQL.

Completely wrote the bill paying and database synchronization parts of the on-line banking application.


Robert L. White: Software Engineer/Consultant Page 3


HORIZON SYSTEMS, INC.. Stamford, CT (12/94-10/95)

Project Leader

Using Borland's Delphi, designed and implemented a prototype for a Care Manager Workstation which enables a healthcare specialist to manage the health status of hypertensive patients with an eye toward improving patient satisfaction, health status and controlling cost. Wrote a Delphi component that acts as a splitter bar between any control dropped on it (similar to VideoSoft's "Elastic" panel).

Implemented a C++ class to read flat files into a 2-dimensional in-memory database from which data is subsequently accessed using overloaded array operators or written back to a relational database (eg. Sybase). Code was tested under Solaris (UNIX), but is mostly platform independent.


STRATEGIC MAPPING INC. Stamford, CT (12/93-12/94)

Senior Software Engineer

Using Visual Basic, implemented the largest of four Windows user-interface modules in a demographic data retrieval system. In eight months, specified the design of the module and wrote 21,000 commented, debugged lines of modular, reusable VB code to manipulate Access and proprietary databases.


PERKIN-ELMER CORP Wilton, CT (2/93-12/93)

Senior Software Engineer

Part of team maintaining a large system using Visual C++ and MS-Windows SDK, as well as HP cross-development tools. Windows portion consists of several dozen applications and DLL's. Embedded portion of system uses MTOS-68K.

Wrote software project planning document.

Debugged DDE interface.

Co-administrator of small Netware 3.11 network.

Completed Microsoft Univ. "Programming in C++"



Software Engineer/Consultant

Quickly developed simple database in C to detect and prevent fraudulent telephone calls. Wrote Korn Shell scripts to query database.


UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, R & D Danbury, CT (5/92 - 9/92)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Wrote C software to decode a 2-dimensional barcode from a video image. Cross-developed (on PC) for two embedded platforms: MIPS RISC chip and a frame grabber driven by the TMS320C30 DSP chip. Wrote and debugged 2500 lines of C code, 1000 lines of documentation and 250 lines of test code in one month.

Implemented printf() so that the Frame Grabber could display debugging messages.

Wrote high-speed, low-overhead state monitor so PC could monitor state of the Frame Grabber's program.

Collected and analyzed benchmarks for each step of the decoding algorithm.

Wrote data conversion programs in C to run on PC to simulate camera operation.


ASCOM TIMEPLEX Shelton, CT (1/91 to 5/92)

Lead Engineer

As part of a team of 40 programmers, developed Network Management System, resolving bugs and adding new features. System consisted of half a million lines of C code comprising several processes which ran under UNIX on a Sun SparcStation using X-Windows and Motif.

Wrote C Coding Standard, an entertaining document that fully described (in 44 pages) preferred C programming techniques and style.

Designed improved database schema.

Solved critical problem on-site for important customer by debugging a complex UNIX shell script.

Honored by co-workers for contribution to quality with an MVP award.


Robert L. White: Software Engineer/Consultant Page 4

PERKIN-ELMER Wilton, CT (11/89 to 12/90)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Wrote C code for various projects and debugged existing code at both C and assembly language level.

Quickly completed development of firmware for 68010-based spectrometer that was controlled by an external PC over a serial link using ASCII or binary commands. Wrote firmware that accurately controlled stepper motors, light sources, time-critical A/D data acquisition, as well as temperature of box containing heat-sensitive photodiode array. Written in C and 68000 assembler.

Co-designed and implemented a GUI-based (GEM) editor that allowed users to easily manage separate configurations of a complex lithography machine; design separated user-interface (cell-editing, moving between cells and screens) from application aspects (validity and consistency of data).

Wrote program to translate Perkin Elmer data files to JCAMP format.


MEDICAL LABORATORY AUTOMATION Pleasantville, NY (7/88 to 11/89)

Senior Software Engineer

Designed and coded multi-tasking user interface for PC-based medical computer using VRTX and C.

Designed table-driven menu manager which reduced memory usage in 8088 IBM-PC environment where memory was at a premium.

Ported code to Microsoft C in a non-DOS embedded system environment.

Implemented simple patient database/test sequencer.


IBM, Watson Research Center Yorktown Heights, NY (1/86 to 6/88)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Wrote C code for PC-based machine vision projects, including an automatic wafer inspection system.

Published invention disclosure for Trench Detection algorithm.

Rewrote BASIC and 8086 assembly language programs in C.

Installed various video and bus interface cards.

Installed Aix on IBM/RT workstation.


GENERAL ELECTRIC AEROSPACE Pittsfield, MA (9/84 to 1/86)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Chief designer and lead programmer among group of six, designing real-time simulation of four fire-control subsystems. Each 68000-based embedded subsystem card required unique event detection software and handled interrupts from up to 24 sources.

Designed real-time executive used on four simulations to maximize software reuse. Its chief advantage: it separated time-critical tasks of simulation (such as event detection) from processes suitable for background processing (such as changing the state of the interface being simulated).


QUINTRON CORPORATION Quincy, IL (12/83 to 9/84)

Software Engineer/Consultant

Designed and implemented call processing program for transmitter/receiver in a cellular telephone system. Program handled both Control Channel and Voice Channel. Features of the system, written in 6803 assembler, were: BCH error correction, buffered HDLC communication and majority-voted input.

Developed entirely on an HP64000 system including ICE debugging.


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Software Engineer/Consultant

Progressed from programmer to project leader supporting proprietary operating system for Z80-based medical computer that overlaid graphics on a video image. Scheduled projects, designed programs, assured quality control of software, provided technical assistance to users and interviewed prospective employees. Functioned as liaison between R&D and the Sales and Production departments.

Promoted to Software Manager assisting director of R&D and supervising six programmers.


REGENCY ELECTRONICS Indianapolis (3/83 to 7/83)

Junior Software Engineer

Designed control program for three models of a programmable scanner radio. Used four-bit microprocessor with limited instruction set, 4K of code space and 128 bytes of RAM. Program multiplexed 6-digit display and keyboard using periodic clock interrupt. Debugged real-time control program in multiple interrupt environment.

The same control program was written to run on all three radio models, thus reducing maintenance and debugging costs.


HERALD-TELEPHONE Bloomington, IN (1/81 to 1/82)


Developed accounts receivable programs in FORTRAN on DEC PDP-11 under RSX-11M using RMS.