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Florida, moved in!

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Settling in
Thru the Looking Glass
Mirror's are fun
In parents' bed
Your mattress is softer
I am so pretty
We like our new dryer
I'm spin drying!
Swing me!
Again, again!
Again, again!
Let's drink beer
Let's go swimming
First time on the beach
Sun! Sand! This is the life
Happy bath time
First stand
Quick, take the picture
Banjo on my knee
Florida BBQ
Our backyard neighbor
In Grandma's backyard (Maryland)
Bob, Polina & Grandma White
I like my Grandma
And she likes me
Beautiful backyard
Wake up, Mommy!
Back at home
Grandma's phone is busy
Who do we call now?
Guess what?
Like my earrings?
Well, I like 'em anyway
Morning smile
Hey! I'm stuck!
Never mind
Gimme the camera
Where's the caviar?


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